Powerhouse Cues!!

100 - Imagine there are bricks on your hips, Like a statue, Like birds flapping, bouncing a ball

Roll Up - Roll a marble down your centerline, Like quicksand, melting chocolate, merging with the floor, like a gear

One Leg Circle - Balance a glass on your hips, strong like a tree, pelvis nailed to the mat

RLAB - Tuck your pelvis and roll like a doodlebug, Like a rocking horse, make a fruit wedge

SLS - Knee to nose, Steady as a rock, like a mountain, steady and unchanging, anchor into the mat

DLS - Hold a pencil in your inner thighs, Body is anchor, extremities are sails, body is like concrete, whoosh sound while rowing arms

Scissors - Mat is mud to sink into, root spine, legs are branches, legs cut through fabric

Lower and Lift - Lower like an elevator, steady foundation as elevator rises

Criss Cross - Twist like a pretzel, wring out lungs, folding origami, twist doorknob, dog-ear a book, gaze out lighthouse beacon, twist tie

Spine Stretch Forward - Scoop ice cream out away from yourself, someone pulling you with a rope, pull your sticker-self off the wall, fiddle-head fern, articulate spine like a wave

Saw - Move upper body like an owl's head, sawing body through PH, twist like a cinnamon roll and lick the frosting, cutting like a knife

Swan I/Neck Roll - Smell the cookies in front of you, pushing a marble

Rest Position - Like a hollow log

Shoulder Bridge Prep - Roll spine like train cars, like rain drops falling one after another, feeling each vertebra, rusty door hinge

SK:  Front and Back - Torso between two walls/Nail through hips, Leg like a pendulum 

SK:  Up and Down - Pull your toe down through wet sand, Closing legs like a fan, pushing down through mud

SK:  Inner Thigh Lifts and Circles:  Balance a teacup on ankle, Drawing circles on the wall with heel, draw a donut or pizza

Seal:  Be a hedgehog, Applause with your feet

Standing Roll Down:  Balance soccer ball on the back of your neck, Hold like the space before thunder, snaking under a door

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