Powerhouse Cues

Here are some more cues for instructors:

100 - reach arms and legs like you're grabbing fruit from a tree, pump arms like a bouncy ball

Roll Up - zip up your zipper as you roll down

OLC - Don't rock the boat, balance a cup of tea on your pelvis

RLAB - curl and look in as you hug a bowling ball into your belly

SLS - wrap your seat, hug your cheeks

DLS - power thru your heels like you're hitting the brakes

SSF - reach up and over like a candy cane, get punched in your belly, round over a beach ball

Saw - wring out the washcloth

Side Kicks:  Front - swing your like a pendulum

Side Kicks:  Side - lift like a can-can, lower like a feather

Side Kicks:  Inner Thigh - don't spill your favorite drink on your foot

Seal - Be the ball

Need more?  Find more cues here

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