Keeping Up Your Workout While you Travel

I once had a conversation with a client and I told him that I figured out my body could go three days, four tops without Pilates or I would start to feel some tightening in my SI joint.  His reply to me was, "It sounds like you're addicted.  It's like Pilates is your crack."  I do think my body does go into withdrawal when I don't do Pilates, so whenever I travel, I have a plan.  Here are some simple ways to keep up your workout while you're away from your favorite studio.

1.  Did you see those cool note pads from Pilates Nerd?  It has the classical mat order, power circle, wall, toe work, and space to write more notes!  It's perfect!  I write out my client's workouts on these papers, and it saves time since I only need to fill in reps or modifications for them.  Some of my clients even take a picture with their smart phone so they don't even have to travel with the piece of paper.

2.  Have you made friends with classical Pilates yet?  All you need is a mat and your brain.  You barely need much space at all.  You can even travel with a Power Circle easily to do a Power Circle Mat.  Or what about Reformer on Mat?  This very challenging workout will take your Pilates to a whole new level.  Have  a certified Pilates instructor teach you it before your trip.  If you know the Classical Reformer order, it won't be hard for you to remember how to practice Reformer on the Mat.

3.  Did you know I have workouts here?  All free, all fun, and a great way to take me with you on the road!  They're all listed here.  You can also find the JSP youtube channel here.

4.  Other options that cost money include:  a skype lesson with your teacher, or drop in on a Pilates class where you are traveling.  Find a list of Peak Pilates certified instructors here.


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