Mama Morning Shake Recipe

Many of my clients ask me what I put in my morning shake, what my kids call "Mama Morning Shake," so I thought I'd share it with you below.  It's not a recipe exactly, and that's what I like about it.  It's very flexible so you can use what's on hand in your kitchen or keep it vegan, add more's really up to you!

One banana (you can freeze it the night before to make the shake more like a milkshake in consistency)

Frozen berries (about a cup) But sometimes I use whatever is on sale that week - frozen pineapple and mango work nicely

About a cup of some kind of liquid (ha - how's that for specific?  I like coconut water, but you can do almond milk, cow's milk...even a juice if you prefer)

Handful of greens (Kale, spinach, stay away from mustard greens - I found that out the hard way and my son almost never trusted a green smoothie for awhile after that)

A scoop or two of a good protein power (I've been liking the SunWarrior Protein Classic Vanilla - it's vegan and not too chalky or sweet)

Blend that baby up and enjoy!  My kids like to drink theirs with matching straws.  I feel like this keeps my energy up more than anything else I have for breakfast, and I love knowing I started the day with some fruit and veggies - you can never eat enough of them!

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