Powerhouse Cues

Can I share with you one of the best things about leading Teacher Trainings?  There's a workshop Peak Pilates does that shows you how to create your own exciting, dynamic Powerhouse cues.  Every instructor has moments where we feel like we're repeating ourselves, and Peak has a systematic way to brainstorm new ways to engage your client's core.  And after leading a training, I get to keep all these new cues...but now I've decided to share them with you!  They're just too good.  So thanks to Jennifer, Emily, Tia, and Denise!  I'll add more as I lead more trainings.  Why not share your best ones in the comments?  Words are important, they have power, and if we all get together and share the best ones we'll have more to choose from to keep the work alive for our clients!  Enjoy!

100 - Low spine like lead

Roll Up - Bone by bone, button by button, unroll the mat and roll it back up

One Leg Circle - Body in Concrete, lead torso

Rolling Like a Ball - Roll like a wheel

Single Leg Stretch - Pulley the legs

Double Leg Stretch - Solid body with liquid movement

Spine Stretch Forward - Deflate and inflate

Saw - Upper back is the lid to a jar of jam and you want to get it open

Inner Thigh Circles - Teacup on your ankle and keep it upright

Inner Thigh Lifts - String attached like a marionette

Seal - bowl shape to your pelvis (don't change the shape or the water will fall out)

Standing Roll Down - Drip down like water out of a faucet 

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