This will Seriously Change Your Life

Do you remember life before kids? Before college? Before full time work when you could lie around in an epsom salt bath?  It helps to release toxins from your sore muscles so after a tough workout you could just soak, add an essential oil or two, and sip some coconut water so you don't get dehydrated?  Oh, and while we're at it, your maid cleaned your house and your chef prepared your meals for the next day?  Wait, you never did that?  Well, why not, epsom salts are so good for you!

The benefits of epsom salts are well documented.  They are full of magnesium and sulfate, minerals that help to detoxify the body and ease muscle cramps.  And while a bath every so often isn't practical for most of us, did you know that you can just rub them into your skin in a shower?  I got this advice from a client of mine who is a nurse, and I've been doing it for years, and it definitely works.  I just keep my epsom salts near the shower, then rub them into any sore or tight muscles.  Then I can get the benefits without having to take the time to run a bath.

Someday, I'll return to baths.  But until then, at least my body doesn't have to miss out on all the benefits.  And now you don't have to, too.

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